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Quest is a member driven Kinship. 

We believe good people make for good gaming.

We welcome all, from those who play a purely social game,

 to those who look for fellowshipping and raiding.

Become a member and the other 80% of our site is visible.

Quest is a member driven kinship based on the thought that friendly people, who enjoy playing the game, can lead to a happy place to play and enjoy the game.  While primarily casual, we welcome all members, from those who play purely for the social aspect of the game, to those who look to build ties from with-in and from with-out the Kinship for fellowship and raiding.

Quest has the guiding principle that a mature and friendly membership, that treats everyone with respect, will increase enjoyment for all.  We believe that people can: be friendly and helpful while not being a pushover, say no to someone without being rude, be told "no" and not become angry, and that that we all give a small amount of effort to make all of us happy in the long run.

As a primarily mature player base, we realize that real-life has its own schedule, and as such, the play time of our members is allowed to vary.  We value long term membership as it is the journey and enjoying each other's company as well as the game that is most important.



- Respect and integrity for yourself, your team mates and all others encountered in game.  You must be helpful but not a pushover, be able to say no but also not get angry if told no, know that a kinship requires a bit of effort on all our parts for everyone to be happy, and most important, you must be friendly and enjoy the game.

Communications - Keep in touch with the kinship via forums, as well as in-game.  We hope for this site to be a place for communication and exchange of ideas.

Support - Quest works to be a supportive environment for all its members. Kin mates help each other with quests, crafting, and deed and get equal support in return. It is expected that all members contribute to this when available, knowing that they will get the same kind of assistance in return.  Kin jumpers need not apply.

Independence and self sufficiency are expected, however, our members are generous, who readily give items away and often craft weapons, armor, jewelry, food, etc for each other. If you cannot give, do not expect to receive.


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